Cookie Rabinowitz

Four Eye'd Soul

Cookie Rabinowitz

Year 2065 AD: Originally hailing from Philadelphia (Planet Earth), spaceship captain Cookie Rabinowitz and his crew of misfits can be found cavorting around the galaxy while dodging the Space Police; or hosting the animated talk show series "The Cookie Rabinowitz Show" with his charismatic co-host Chocolate Spider (portrayed by Gangster Rap legend Schoolly D).

Masters of time and space, members of The Cookie Rabinowitz Band are making waves here on Earth in the current year, 2027. With their unique brand of rock, soul and funk, they perform and record alongside intergalactic-renowned artists and are breaking out as a staple in Philadelphia's live independent music scene.

Follow along with Cookie and his crew's misadventures with "The Cookie Rabinowitz Show", and make sure to catch the live musical performances of The Cookie Rabinowitz Band live in Philadelphia, Planet Earth, the Milky Way and beyond!

Cookie Rabinowitz Band (and collaborators):

Cookie – Songs, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Production

Schoolly D - Vibe Coach, O.G.

Erik Horvitz - Guitar, Vocals, Production, Illustrations, Animation

John Swana – E.V.I., Valve Trombone, Trumpet, Production

Tony Reyes - Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals, Production

Tom Spiker – Bass, Guitar

Trevor Rogers – Drums

Jim Stager - Bass

Fred Berman – Drums

Tone Whitfield - Bass, Guitar, Keys

Jimmy Coleman - Vocals, Drums

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