Cookie Rabinowitz (sometimes known as Julius), likes to make soulful jams and play them for you.

Often included in jams making process is the production wizardry of Erik Horvitz (Google him, he makes wicked ass cartoons and paintings too that’ll make you smile).

Sometimes when Cookie (Julius)  gets stuck in a sea of creative fungus, he calls his longtime friend and writing buddy, Tony Reyes to help move things along a bit faster.

Also involved in the recordings and live performances is the ever so melodious John Swana on trumpet and trombone but mostly spaceflute

On a full band production you may hear the groovin’ sounds of the above mentioned as well as the bass styling of Tone Whitfield, Jim Stager, Tony Reyes or Tom Spiker and  the Drumming of Ritchie DeCarlo, Freddie Berman, or Jimmy Coleman.

You can also hear Cookie (Julius, me) playing solo shows in various, venues, bars, parks, living rooms, etc. Most of the time you can find out about these performances right on this website, or even sign up on the newsletter if you want to make sure you don’t miss one close by.

Thanks for stopping by,

“Do good things” – Cookie